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US-6034180-A: Resin composition patent, US-6086056-A: Float sink header patent, US-6372542-B1: Method of component manufacture patent, US-6374223-B1: Internet to voice mail messaging patent, US-6433856-B1: Method and apparatus for measuring position of object for vehicle patent, US-6441994-B1: High frequency response writer with recessed shared pole and vertical coils patent, US-6443459-B2: Sealing arrangement between two components rotating relative to one another patent, US-6506095-B1: Animated toy doll patent, US-6574141-B2: Differential redundancy multiplexor for flash memory devices patent, US-6645361-B1: Electrochemical gas sensor patent, US-3907950-A: Carbon articles patent, US-4037290-A: Vacuum cleaning device patent, US-4044159-A: Extruded cereal product and its preparation patent, US-4050870-A: Molding press having a device for gripping and delivering elements to be molded patent, US-4063204-A: Energy absorbing and pressure applying arrangement for electrical contacts patent, US-4153459-A: Hybrid color photographic elements and processes for developing same patent, US-4214928-A: Dimethyl hydantoin bonding agents in solid propellants patent, US-4244828-A: Lubricating oil composition patent, US-4259984-A: Valve construction patent, US-4268027-A: Sheet feeding apparatus patent, US-4282043-A: Process for reducing the interdiffusion of conductors and/or semiconductors in contact with each other patent, US-4297834-A: Yarn brake for a textile yarn processing machine patent, US-4305455-A: Multipass corrosion proof air heater patent, US-4329813-A: Substratus crate for plant cultivation and transportation patent, US-4330794-A: Multichannel subscription television system patent, US-4363581-A: Sheet metal threaded article patent, US-4389469-A: Electrical power packs and charging devices patent, US-4465231-A: Control device and method for activating a fuel injector nozzle patent, US-4476770-A: Device for micro tuning pianos and other stringed instruments patent, US-4487006-A: Lawn mower patent, US-4535399-A: Regulated switched power circuit with resonant load patent, US-4546115-A: Polyimide compositions and foams and methods of making same patent, US-4569718-A: Method for plasma etching III-V semiconductors with a BCl3 -Cl2 gas patent, US-4580262-A: Radio systems patent, US-4638779-A: Apparatus for controlling an engine in a hydraulically driven vehicle patent, US-4661774-A: Method and apparatus for monitoring film thickness between rotatable rolls patent, US-4773482-A: Reducing permeability of highly permeable zones in oil and gas formations patent, US-4801143-A: Bowling lane construction patent, US-4880736-A: Production of uridine patent, US-4976128-A: Rolling mill and method of exchanging rolls of rolling mill patent, US-5015733-A: Nucleosides possessing blocked aliphatic amino groups patent, US-5081523-A: Display image correction system and method patent, US-5158353-A: Card case for automobile patent, US-5248213-A: Seal for roll-on dispenser patent, US-5289348-A: Shock absorbing rack system patent, US-5379526-A: Apparatus for eliminating the flutter of a paper web in the dryer section of a papermaking machine patent, US-5411920-A: Lead frame, semiconductor device, and method of manufacturing same patent, US-5412418-A: Pictorial communication apparatus patent, US-5431103-A: Gas generant compositions patent, US-5460852-A: Method for applying polymer modified asphalt coating to corrugated pipes patent, US-5535637-A: Variable volume test chamber patent, US-5542939-A: Fluid aspiration-collection apparatus patent, US-5659039-A: Quinophthalone compounds patent, US-5662312-A: Pressurized sheave mechanism for high pressure wireline service patent, US-5807673-A: Probe for diagnosing infectious disease patent, US-5905628-A: Metallized film capacitor patent, US-5938099-A: Rebar clip gun patent, US-6002395-A: System and method for building, testing and integrating a graphical touch user interface patent, US-6045098-A: Personal computer keyboard support having moveable mouse extension patent, US-6055152-A: Modular computer apparatus patent, US-6115830-A: Failure recovery for process relationships in a single system image environment patent, US-6147687-A: Dynamic and selective buffering tree view refresh with viewable pending notification patent, US-6161864-A: Gas bag module for a vehicle occupant restraint system patent, US-6256073-B1: Color source selection for improved brightness patent, US-6288374-B1: Coil and core structure for an induction cooktop patent, US-6322419-B1: Combination spinning top and yo-yo patent, US-6323404-B1: Music box device patent, US-6389346-B1: System and a method for controlling a servo-controlled motor-vehicle gearbox patent, US-6431267-B1: Air conditioning unit and vehicular air conditioner patent, US-6511430-B1: Use of high frequency ultrasound imaging to detect and monitor the process of apoptosis in living tissues, ex-vivo tissues and cell-culture patent, US-6573235-B1: Use of hydrofluoroethers as agents for dissolving aromatic compounds to make compositions patent, US-6604781-B2: Vehicle body structure patent, US-6627876-B2: Method of reducing space charge in a linear ion trap mass spectrometer patent, US-6627990-B1: Thermally enhanced stacked die package patent, US-6632295-B2: High tensile strength hot-rolled steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-6697417-B2: System and method of estimating earliest arrival of CDMA forward and reverse link signals patent, US-3837340-A: Device for administering immunication against virus patent, US-4018519-A: Composite photography apparatus and method utilizing a polarizing beam splitting unit patent, US-4058808-A: High performance analog to digital converter for integrated circuits patent, US-4114305-A: Illuminated fishing lure patent, US-4143712-A: Apparatus for treating or completing wells patent, US-4246245-A: SO2 Removal patent, US-4252088-A: Differential switch for detecting leaks patent, US-4262641-A: Combined RPM limiter, and electronic tachometer with shift point indicator patent, US-4284844-A: Loudspeaker system patent, US-4328081-A: Plasma desmearing apparatus and method patent, US-4335426-A: Remote processor initialization in a multi-station peer-to-peer intercommunication system patent, US-4512668-A: Thermometer for obtaining the temperature of horse patent, US-4625371-A: Seat belt buckle patent, US-4664345-A: Method for stabilizing laminar separated boundary layers patent, US-4734762-A: Color image reading apparatus with a plurality of line sensors in which a white balance operation is performed by determining amplifier gains while reading a white reference plate patent, US-4831698-A: Method of attaching a female element to a panel patent, US-4860773-A: Perforating apparatus for rod-shaped objects patent, US-5105751-A: Process for carrying out a sewing operation with a sewing machine with needle feed patent, US-5191542-A: Automatic floorplan operation apparatus patent, US-5201119-A: Method of manufacturing an aluminum heat exchanger patent, US-5238912-A: Y-Ba-Cu-O superconductive substance patent, US-5254501-A: Same-side gated process for encapsulating semiconductor devices patent, US-5278355-A: Environmental sealing patent, US-5300079-A: Injector patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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